Yet another f’ing blog

11 09 2009

My name is Anastasia Hunt, and I’m a blog addict.

I’ve had a blog of one sort or another since 1997. I’ve had more than one going since 2003. I’d have to say I have…

… I really have to think about this now.

I have a LiveJournal, two Blogger accounts, a Xanga, two GreatestJournals, and another WordPress. I don’t remember the passwords to any of the GJ’s, I think I may have closed the Xanga, and I almost never write enough fiction to post to my fiction journal. As for my other blog, Fear of a Catholic Planet, well, I guess I’ve learned my lesson about writing a topical blog. It became more about my personal life, which I think may have run off my readership.

So, hopefully, I’ll have learned from my mistakes. I’m planning to start anew with this one. It’s all about me, baby. If you’re interested, great. If not, then move on.




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