21 09 2009

My goal is to update this at least once a week. That seems reasonable, right? Also, I’m gonna keep it untopical. (Which I know isn’t a word but screw it.)

Let’s see. The job hunt has been somewhat eventful- I’ve had a few bites (and a couple of interviews) but absolutely nothing beyond that. Meh. I mustn’t let that discourage me though. It’s officially been over a year since I’ve had formal employment. I need something soon.

Had lunch with a friend of my mom’s yesterday. Actually, Debbie was my mom’s best friend for many, many years. She and her kids were pretty much like family to us. It was great seeing her again. I hadn’t seen her since Mom’s funeral, and that was nearly 12 years ago.

Still miss Eric. Duh. Won’t stop missing him until he’s back home.We’ve been discussing pets. He wants a pair of sugar gliders. They seem pretty interesting and he assures me he’ll be the one taking on the nasty end of the work. As long as they’re compatible with the cat that I’m gonna be adopting from PetSmart. Because it’s gonna happen.

This week marks the first week of 40 Days for Life. I’m fasting and praying for the rights of the unborn- a group that have virtually no rights in this country. If my mother hadn’t known she was pregnant with me, there’s no telling if I would’ve been born or not. So I think it’s my duty as a Catholic and as a compassionate human being to pray for these children, and to pray for these mothers so that they choose life for their children.




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5 12 2009

Rather, if my mother HAD known. Seriously, she had no earthly idea I was on the way.

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