F is for ‘framboise’, as well as ‘flaming’.

1 03 2010

Holy crap, it’s a consecutive post! I’ll try to update- gotta justify the existence of this blog somehow.

Today coulda gone better sales-wise. IDK what I’m doing wrong. James (ASM) is trying to get me to be a little more sociable- asking customers about the weather and such. Just not really my thing. I’m sure I’ll hit my stride. I just don’t think the poor man is used to dealing with the mentally ill on a recurring basis.

He wore a pink shirt to work today, so of course I hassled him a bit. His argument was that it wasn’t pink. It was RASPBERRY. Yeah, because raspberry is so much more manly than pink.  (No offense if you’re reading this, James, but pink raspberry doesn’t flatter you in the least. Seriously. And I could’ve been a lot less charitable- most guys would’ve been asked if they’d lost a bet at the very least.)

Scheduled off tomorrow. Going in anyway (early!) to work on markdowns b/c my hours got cut liek whoa.




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