I’m really trying here, folks.

4 08 2010

Well, I’ve gone ahead and told my friends and family about my engagement. They’re not exactly as happy as I’d hoped.

I guess I can sort of see it from their point of view. I joined that program and essentially disappeared from their lives (or came close). Now here I am with a fiance that they’ve never met. As bad as my relationships in the past 10 years have been, I suppose they might have grounds for worry.

I never in a million years thought I’d be getting engaged to a guy less than 2 months after meeting him. I’m incredibly relationship-shy. I honestly thought that after Eric I’d need a very long time to recuperate, and that no man would ever compare to him. So I can see why they’d wonder what this was all about.

What’s hard to explain is that I have learned to trust my instinct. It has never been wrong before.  My instinct says that Kenny is The One. And those who have see us together understand what we have. I guess it’s just a matter of letting them meet him so that they can be assured that he’s genuinely nice and that we’re amazing together.




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