Woo Hoo!

24 10 2010

So, two things: I’m now in Muskogee and Kenny and I have decided to hold off on our engagement.

It’s not that we aren’t happy or crazy about each other. Both are true. We just felt that we’d rushed into that level of commitment way too soon. Actually, Kenny moved here to be with me. It helps that he has a totally decent job and he really likes it here. While I get homesick at times and miss places like Hot Topic and Starbucks, he’s totally worth it.

Kenny works at American Foundry on the mold line. It’s dirty, rough, and dangerous but he enjoys it. The pay is fair and he gets pretty good benefits. I’m back at KMart. I’m not sure what my position is there – I thought I got hired for shoes but I’ve been working as a cashier quite a bit lately. Oh well. It’s a job.