Veggie Lasagna

3 03 2010

I hate coming up with titles for these things. Srsly.

So, I’m off work today. Yesterday didn’t blow. A bit slow, but it was Tuesday. Probably came close to making my numbers.  Remade one display bed- kept the bedding but added some accessories and generally made it look more visually appealing. Changed out another. I LOVE doing the beds and displays- it’s like making an art piece but it’s totally interactive.  Seriously, displays are my favorite part of my job by a long shot.

Yikes, it’s chilly in here.

I’m coping better with my decision to end my relationship. It wasn’t that I don’t love Eric more than life itself, because I do. I don’t anticipate being over him for a long time. But he went to Rhode Island for the summer and hasn’t come back. He may never. And from what I’ve heard RI is sort of a crappy place to live. Also, I always got the feeling that he didn’t take our relationship nearly as seriously as I did. I don’t date just for shits and giggles. I date with the intention of finding my life partner. He just didn’t seem keen on the idea of getting married and having babies- not sure if it was me or he just doesn’t want to get married, period. Dude’s been through 3 failed engagements so that’s probably a big issue right there.

Point is, I love him. I do. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to wave that would make all the bad parts of our relationship go away. But that’s not realistic. And I can do better than to spend what’s left of my prime waiting around for someone to realize that they love me as much as I love them. If it hasn’t happened by now it won’t. And I just need to suck it up and move on.  Even if it means I could very well spend the rest of my life alone because nobody will ever compare to him (his good points, at least).

Bleh. Need to get out of this funk.



13 09 2009

Good grief, only 3 weeks until my birthday. I’ll be 34. :-O

Sad thing is that it’s becoming less and less likely that my boyfriend, Eric, is gonna be back here for it. He’s been in Rhode Island since June. I’m trying to be patient. He went back there because his dad had surgery and he wanted to be with his family. But it’s wearing on me. I’ve been with this guy for 9 months now, but 3 of that has been spent 1500 miles apart.

It’s pitiful how badly I’m pining for him. It’s honestly like a part of me is gone with him. Which is illogical. I am not one of those women whose lives center on a guy. But here I am, ostensibly getting on with the business of my life, but a voice inside of head is wailing “I MIIIISSSSSS HIIIIIIIMMMMMM!!!!!! OMGWTF I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN GO ON LIKE THIS WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

Seriously, what have I gotten myself into? Once again I’m in love and I’m not sure I like it.

In other news, I had a good job interview yesterday. Macy’s. Ladies shoes. *fingers crossed*